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Privacy Policy

About Your Privacy

At Baja Bob's, we value your support and we are committed to protecting your privacy. This site is a safe environment for anyone who visits. The purpose of the following statement is to share our policy with you concerning your privacy when visiting our site.

What information do we collect and how do we use it?

  • When you visit our site, we collect some non-identifying basic information. This includes total number of visitors, pages viewed, and other non-identifying information. We use this aggregate information to improve our site and to make your experience on our website as smooth as possible.
  • Orders for our products made on-line are secure. When you order on-line, we ask for your name, address, daytime phone, e-mail address, and how you heard about Baja Bob's. We use your information to process your order and to keep you informed, through our periodic mailings. Your phone number is used only to contact you if we need to verify order information. We do not use your phone number to do telephone solicitations.
  • Baja Bob's maintains a strict policy to discontinue contacting any person upon that person's oral or written request directed to Baja Bob's.
  • About our "cookies." Our ordering system is set up to remember what you are ordering for only that specific visit; for example, if you are purchasing "one Cranberry Cosmo Martini Mix, one Bloody Mary Mix, and one Baja Bob's hat" our system will keep track of what you are purchasing while you make your selections. To allow you to keep the items in your basket, as you pass through the catalog, we utilize these "cookies," which are small pieces of information that are stored by your web browser. The "cookies" we use are temporary and are only used to process your order. If you would rather not accept "cookies," you may call your order in to us at 1-888-569-2272.
  • Occasionally, we also use cookies to track the number of users who come to our site for special print and online promotional campaigns. This information is used to determine how effective the campaign was and not to identify an individual user. We may also choose to employ cookies at times to evaluate the ease of our ordering process and to make it as customer friendly and easy-to-use as possible.
  • We never knowingly collect any personal information from a child without the consent of the child's parent(s).

Do we share your information?

  • We do not share your personal information with any third party. We reserve the right to change our policy at any time. If we choose to change our policy, you will be given the option to remove your name from our database.
  • We do not share your information with telemarketing centers. Your phone number is used only to contact you if we need to verify order information.

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