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Sugar Free Mai Tai Mai Tai Mix  
Mai Tai

Mai Tai Mix

Baja Bob's Sugar Free Mai Tai Mix - Sweetened with Splenda.

Try Baja Bob's Maui Madness Sugar Free Mai Tai Mix. You'll feel like you're in Hawaii. Our mix has zero sugar, zero calories, and zero carbs!

Have you been giving up your favorite cocktails because they contain too many carbs, calories and way too much sugar? If you are looking for a sugar free, low carb, low calorie cocktail mix, Baja Bob's has the answer. Baja Bob's Sugar Free Mai Tai Mix is sweetened with Splenda for a refreshingly natural taste. Most other sugar free mixes are sweetened with erythritol, maltitol or aspartame, which either have an aftertaste or can cause gastric distress and have a laxative effect. Bob says, "I'll pass!"

Try Baja Bob's Sugar Free Mai Tai Mix and you'll insist on trying our other sugar free mixes too!

Baja Bob's Sugar Free Mai Tai Mix is perfect any time. Be anywhere in the world, yet experience Hawaii with a fruity-liscious sugar free Mai Tai. This refreshing cocktail from Baja Bob's contains zero grams of carbs per serving. Baja Bob's Mai Tai Mix also contains pineapple and citrus juices. Just mix with rum and water. Bob's sugar free Mai Tai mix is a taste of paradise on earth!

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